A game by May Gardens and Dylan Gedig,
as Red Nexus Games.

Bullet-bouncin' screen-wrappin', multiplayer action!

  • Local-multiplayer (2-4 players)
  • Play with keyboard or game pads! (You will need at least 2 game pads for 4-player play)
  • Something like 259 different stages
  • 10 worlds to explore with different environments and mechanics
  • 10 characters to BOOP! and also BOP! with

Released Sept. 30th 2016 on Steam, itch.io, and Humble
Released Jan. 18th 2017 on Xbox One

One Bullet:
That's right one bullet. Only one dang bullet. If you shoot it, you're gonna have to catch it again. Catching bullets sound pretty dang hard? Well don't worry, because Friday Night Bullet Arena features...

Screen-wrap Action™:
You'll never lose your precious missile because when it leaves the screen it just comes popping right back in from the other side! Catch your bullet again in order to fire again. Catching other players' bullets is... not recommended. You know what they say, "If you love something set it free, and hope that it destroys all of your friends."
(Screen-wrap Action isn't actually trademarked :( )

Bullet Catching:
Hit by your own bullet? Hey no worries, that just means you picked it up and can fire it once more into the fray! In fact you should probably do this a lot if you want to stay alive and rack up points. Like all the time. Shoot catch shoot catch shoot catch shoot catch win!

Maybe don't get hit by the other players' bullets too.

Endless Fun:
Oh yep here come the buzzwords we've sold out already. If you need us we'll be at the bank.