May Gardens and
Dylan Gedig as
Red Nexus Games Inc.
Based in Victoria, BC, Canada

Release Dates:
Steam: Sept.30, 2016
Xbox One: Jan. 13, 2017

Xbox One, PC, Mac


Regular Price:
$9.99 USD

Friday Night Bullet Arena is a top-down multiplayer shoot-a-thon with a twist: each player only gets one bullet! You can catch your own bullet to fire again, but catching other bullets is... not recommended.


Friday Night Bullet Arena was originally started by May Gardens in the spring of 2014, as a demo for the University of Victoria's Game Development club. It was worked on intermittently around the demands of school and work for two years. In the spring of 2016, May teamed up with Dylan Gedig to ramp up development and bring it to a commercial release.

FNBA released on Steam on Sept. 30 2016 to positive reviews, and was a finalist for Best Debut Game at the 2016 Canadian Video Game Awards and a finalist for the SXSW Community Choice Award.

Awards and Recognition:
  • Finalist for the 2016 Canadian Video Game Award for Best Debut Game
  • Finalist for the SXSW Gamer's Voice Award for Best Multiplayer Game 2017

  • 2-4 player multiplayer action!
  • Playable with keyboard and/or gamepads (at least 2 gamepads needed for 4 player play).
  • Over 250 different arenas
  • 10 worlds, each with different environments and mechanics.
  • 10 characters to BOOP! and also BOP! with

Request A Press Copy:

Shoot us an email at or message Dylan on Twitter.

Monetization Permission:
Red Nexus Games is proud to support fellow creators. Monetization of video content created using gameplay footage and assets from Friday Night Bullet Arena is legally and explicity allowed by Red Nexus Games Inc. Commissions and production of physical or digital goods on a small scale (less than $500.00 USD worth of goods) is acceptable and encouraged. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or are interested in a large production run of something you have created :)

About Red Nexus Games:
Red Nexus Games is a game studio that develops and publishes awesome indie games, with a focus on local-multiplayer games. More information on Red Nexus can be found here.

May Gardens:
Friday Night Bullet Arena is almost entirely the devilish machination of May.
She is the main designer, gameplay programmer, AND artist!

Dylan Gedig
Dylan joined to help with production and systems/porting programming.
He's who you get mad at if a certain achievement doesn't proc when it should! :X

Niko Lunny
Every iteration of the extremely catchy soundtrack was created by Niko Lunny.
Niko has a way with beats that most mortal men can only dream of.
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